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Who We Are

Discover Yoakum Grain: A Legacy of Excellence in Superior Quality Grain & Feed

Building a Legacy

The Evolution of Our Company

Yoakum Grain is a testament to the strength of family ties and the enduring spirit of enterprise. Established in 1957, our business was born out of a shared vision by George Bucek and his two business partners. What began as a trucking business, delivering to feed mills within a 100-mile radius, has over the years blossomed into a more comprehensive agricultural service.

In the early days, the company was primarily focused on delivering to feed mills. But recognizing the cyclical nature of the industry and seizing an opportunity for growth, we expanded our services to include fertilizer during the slower seasons. This adaptability and drive to meet the needs of our clients have been the cornerstone of our success throughout the years.

About 15 years ago, we embarked on a new chapter in our story. In a significant strategic move, we expanded our services to the public. This expansion has not only diversified our business but also allowed us to establish deeper connections within our community.

Today, Yoakum Grain stands proud as a trusted provider and partner, committed to delivering high-quality products and services. Yet, despite the expansion and evolution, we remain firmly rooted in our values as a family-owned business, putting our customers and community at the heart of everything we do.

The Heart of Our Company

Meet the Passionate Individuals Who Drive Our Success and Shape Our Future

Carmen Shanahan


Blanca Hartmann

Vice President

Jeffery Ryan


Ginger Anderson

Sales Manager

Trusted Source for Feed and Fertilizer Solutions.

Providing premium quality Purina, Fehner & Son, and Agroliquid fertilizer products for all of your agricultural needs.

As an authorized dealer of Purina, Fehner and Son, AgroLiquid Fertilizer products, & many more, Yoakum Grain stands as a testament to quality, trust, and dedication in the agricultural industry. We take immense pride in bringing you superior-grade products that ensure the wellness of your animals and the fertility of your soils.

For over 35 years, AgroLiquid has been the vanguard of innovation in liquid fertilizer products. Their commitment to safeguarding crops, soil, and the environment aligns with our own values and mission. As a trusted AgroLiquid dealer, we extend their groundbreaking research and innovation to your farming operations, ensuring optimal yield and sustainable practices.

Purina Animal Nutrition is a brand synonymous with excellence in animal feed. With proven feed trials of their unique formulas. They can provide the most nutrition, and have the ability to back up their claims with the data and results. Their wide array of products cater to diverse animal needs, helping you unlock the greatest potential of every animal under your care. Our knowledgeable team at Yoakum Grain is always at hand to guide you towards the best Purina products for your specific requirements.

Fehner and Son has become known for their diverse range of agricultural services, and their ability to offer unique products. By choosing Yoakum Grain as your trusted partner in agricultural solutions, you will experience the benefits of our extensive knowledge, exceptional products, and personalized support in maximizing the well-being and productivity of your animals.

At Yoakum Grain, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We don’t just carry feed and fertilizer. We have household necessities, solutions to pests and weeds, and even trucking services.
While we try our best to list our offerings on our website, we encourage you to call or visit our store to explore the full range of products we have available. Even if we don’t have a specific item in stock, our efficient ordering process ensures that it will be ready for you to pick up within just a few business days.